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Q.: How long has Netacom been in business?
A.: Netacom was founded in 2002, as a strictly Computer and Network Support company known as Netadyne Networks, Inc. In 2006, it was clear that "IT Support" included phone systems and Internet access. So instead of pointing the finger at the Phone company or Internet provider, Netadyne decided to provide the services themselves. Netadyne rebranded itself as Netacom.
Q.: If I select Netacom as my provider, do I have to switch everything? Phones, Internet, and IT support to Netacom?
A.: No, Though we'd love to have all our customers utilize Netacom for Phones, Internet, and IT support, it's not required. We have a lot of companies that just utilize us for a single service.
Q.: What is the installation timeframe?
A.: Installation depends on a lot of factors. On average our installation timeframe is approximately 4-5 weeks. If you need it earlier, we can expedite circuit delivery and porting on an as-needed basis.
Q.: I keep hearing that Netacom provides FREE phones? Is this true?
A.: Yes, Netacom provides use of its entry level VoIP phones for free with a Hosted PBX extension plan. If it were to break, we will come out an fix it or replace it for FREE as well.


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