Server Hosting

Physically move your server into the Datacenter for 100% uptime


Every day your business relies more and more on your servers, databases, files, and email. Downtime is not an option. Netacom has the solution: Move your server into the datacenter and prevent outages due to power, air conditioning, internet, physical security, fire or water disasters.


Starting for as litle as $199/month



Here is what is included:

  • Fully Redundant Network Facility
  • Dedicated Blended On-Net Bandwidth (Multi-Path)
  • Fire Suppression System (FSS)
  • Multiple Power Feeds from seperate commercial power sub-stations
  • Inline batteries for immediate fail-over to battery power
  • Auto-engaged diesel generator with continuous refueling agreements
  • 24/7/365 Security (Biometrics, Key Card, Man-Traps)
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring of Servers (Ping Response, Vitals)

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Physical or Virtual Servers


We can accomodate any type of server you have.


Physical -


Virtual -

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Special proMOTION

Free Install in datacenter*

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